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“Nakaa tu kama mtungi ya keg,” a stressed Risper Faith weighing 116 Kgs undergoes liposuction 2 years after giving birth (Photo)

October 30, 2020 at 14:56
Risper Faith with her fiance

An emotional Risper Faith has left many in tears after opening up about her weight struggle; that has started affecting her marriage. Speaking through her YouTube show, the lady who is a former socialite; and Reality TV actress admitted to having insecurities right after her son was born.

However at the time, Risper only weighed 100kgs – which is normal for a new mum. However as time went by, Risper Faith started noticing that she was gaining more weight. At 22 months after giving birth Risper says she realized that she had added an extra 16kgs; to her previous 100kgs which started stressing her.

Those who have children will tell you that baby fat (the weight) affects intimacy’s especially when the significate other is a douchebag. But luckily for Risper, she says husband Brian has been quite supportive but still she can’t help but feel insecure when making love with him.

Risper Faith undergoes liposuction

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After the liposuction.

For this reason, Risper has decided to take the easy way out as she recently underwent liposuction to shed off the unwanted weight. Judging from the contents shared on Rispers Vblog; we understand that her only issue is the flabby tummy and loose arms making her feel beautiful like before. At some point Risper is heard saying;

Right now nimelose shape hata nakaa tu kama mtungi ya Keg. I’m just there, I’m even scared of making love to my husband because I feel like I’m not beautiful enough, and maybe he sees me in a different way right now. I don’t know.

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Risper Faith before liposuction

Anyway judging from the latest photo shared on her Instagram page; it’s clear to see that the liposuction has already started improving the lady’s figure.

However the real results will be seen after 4 weeks – that is according to Risper; but hopefully this time around she will be able to maintain her new figure since liposuction is also a temporary solution to losing fat. Hence the easy way out.

Below is the detailed video of Risper Faith explaining herself.




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