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Name of the ‘angel of death’ who witnessed Lake Nakuru chopper crash and governor Gakuru’s accident

November 08, 2017 at 12:26
Angel of Death

Kenyans have been left shocked after screenshots of a man who witnessed two major accidents surfaced online.

The man who claims to be an eye witness in both the Lake Nakuru and and governor Gakuru’s accident is now being suspected to be a professional assassin.

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A few weeks ago 5 people died in a chopper that crashed into Lake Nakuru and among the eye witness was ‘the angel of death.’ From his interview, the man said to have been a colleague of the late Captain Malowa. While in yesterday’s interview he said to have been driving behind the late governor.

Looking at photos of the Mercedes Benz. Seems like someone hit the late governor’s car from the side before it hit the rail.

Angel of Death

Name of the Angel of Death

The eye witness aka Angel of Death refers to himself as Dennis Muigai Ng’engi. From the stories making rounds on social media, the police are said to be investigating the matter! Hopefully he resurfaces soon.





  1. You will hear they cant see him…just wait

  2. This guy is unlucky or there is something we don’t know

  3. Ati angel of death tena?

  4. How do u explain this coincidence?????

  5. He looks like a cop i think

  6. its crazy!

  7. A devil in disguise.

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