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Nameless and family battling tough times as dad is suddenly hospitalized

September 17, 2020 at 14:24
Nameless and family battling tough times as dad is suddenly hospitalized

As Nameless and Wahu marked their 15th wedding anniversary, his dad was spending nights on a hospital bed set to undergo head surgery after suffering blood clots in his head.

Opening up on the unfortunate incident, the celebrated artist revealed his dad was battling a condition Subdural Hematoma that causes collection of blood in an inner layer of the head, which caused him minor strokes.

Nameless’ dad undergoes head surgery

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Even as the Mathenge’s lit a candle to celebrate the couples milestones in their love life, the artist admitted it was nerve racking for them. Having too see their dad undergo such a sensitive surgery in his old age, was not easy for the family.

The Mathenge couple

Surgery turns out successful

Fortunately, after 10 days in hospital, Mathenge Sr., successfully underwent the head surgery in the hands of neuro-surgeon Dr D. Olunya and his team. The same doctor who treated Nameless 3 years ago for a threatening brain condition.

Today I give thanks to God because he got discharged and the doctor was happy with his recovery process. Now its just some home nursing care and mzee will be good . He is strong for 84 year, delicate but strong💪🏾💪🏾, penned Nameless on his Instagram page.

Nameless dad undergoes head surgery successfully

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The singer further disclosed that the hospital bill had ballooned into a crazy sum but fortunately enough, NHIF had come through for him and his loved ones to cater for part of the bill and he can never be more grateful for that.

Also the bill had gotten kidogo crazy but thank God NHIF came through as well to help us with part of the bill. Especially at a time like the Corona season🤦🏾‍♂️when things are tough ..all in all just want to give thanks🙏🏿🙏🏿 .Today I celebrate life🙏🏿 and second chances!! That’s why I was dancing like a mad man Jana😅😜

Here was his crazy dance yesterday:




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