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Nameless explains how he has managed to be relevant for so long

November 08, 2019 at 07:12
Nameless explains how he has managed to be relevant for so long

Nameless has been in the music for over 20 years now and has always been an important topic.

The singer recently revealed how he has managed to stay relevant for so many years now since starting saying that he tries as much as possible to keep things simple.

“When you are creating music, you can use different tactics to reach the people to get an instant intense reaction. Other times you use tactics that can provoke a reaction that will withstand the test of time and capture people’s attention,” he said. 

Takes time

Kenyan singer Jegede is back with a new tune dubbed Wakilisha. Jegede in the musical film "Wakilisha" featuring The Allstars: Nameless, Jerry Ogalo, Big Pin, Daddy Andre, Stivo Simple Boy, Fundi Frank and Vdj Jones. Directed by Deska Torres.

He went on to add that he takes his time before he writes which leaves people wondering why.

I always keep it simple, such that in 10 years, one can relate to the song or lyrics. Sometimes I stay for long before I write a song and people may wonder why,” he said.

“It is because I listen to it on different occasions and ask myself if I achieved the intended intention. My aim is always longevity. I do not release songs too soon so often because staki watu wazoee sana.”





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