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Nameless sweeps Wahu off her feet in recent Pre-Valentine´s baecation [photos]

February 13, 2020 at 10:02
Nameless sweeps Wahu off her feet in recent Pre-Valentine´s baecation [photos]

Kenyan celebrity couple, Wahu and Nameless are out on baeation as a Pre-Valentine´s holiday, but they are out serving goals and leaving us drooling.

The lovebirds decided to jet out of town, just to appreciate the far they have come, make memories and reminisce good times.

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Down at the luxurious Pride Inn Beach resort, Nameless decided to unleash a surprise on his lady.

Namless takes wife, Wahu on a surprise Pre-Valentine´s beach dinner

Right from the reception – door opened for you, petals dropped at your feet, love shouting from the surroundings, breeze pretty cozy to get you off your feet…it´s endless.

Nameless sure had it all planned out.

Beach side

They head to the beach and it is just the two of them – no kids, no company, no raging ocean waves.

Updating fans and followers on the vacation, the pop artist shared a photo, carrying Wahu in his arms, thunder thick thighs out and the sun rays perfectly kissing her skin.

Wahu and Nameless on Pre-Valentine´s vacation at the Pride Inn Beach resort

Evening Dinner

Then let´s head to the dinner. A surprise dinner by Nameless to a dear charm of a wife, Wahu. He was here to confirm that being Kikuyu has no boundaries to romance.


Ati alikuwa anasema Nini juu ya Wakikuyu na Valentines🧐…. @mamutravel thanks for coming through with the quick deal ….siwezi kubali kuambiwa hivo.😠… Men’s conference Bado na come by the way 🙈, musini-judge, #KikuyusCanBeRomantic😠 #CheckIGstoriesforProof😎😊

Rose petals spread on the table, Bouquet of red roses, centrally placed, wine glasses accurately filled. and the plates well packed.

Wahu and Nameless beach evening dinner

The two savored the chilly night breeze, with some cocktail couple dinner, right by the pool side.

Rose petals well spread on the ground, as the two held each other close, mistaking them for campus lovebirds, infatuated with love.

Nameless and Wahu out serving couple goals

Nameless bashing:

Gnight from Bwana Mathenge😎…KikuyuRomance in full effect👊🏾.. by the time I am done here sitaki kuskia ati Kikuyu men are not romantic…Ama namna gani my frens👊🏾… Alafu huyu anapendanga kukula chakula changu 🤷🏾‍♂️na ako na chake🤦🏽‍♂️ni issue ingine napeleka men’s conference this Friday… Anyway for now. #doingitfortheculture #kikuyusareRomantic😎 #Dinnersurprise😎 #kanaingiaBoxvizuuuuri😊😎 @mamutravel👌🏾


And for sure, a dear Wahu was quite impressed by the whole set-up, the planning, the chain of events, and the love splashed on her by her Kikuyu babe.

Wahu impressed by hubby´s romantic moves

But her ego could not allow 100% admission to the fact that her hubby could get so romantic. Expressing:

Thank you @prideinnparadisebeachresort for helping out my kikuyu man kiasi. This poolside dinner cant have been his idea 🤔🤭. Either way, you are forgiven for all your past present and future sins.

Because for her, Namlesss needs a hand in some of these things. It just can´t be solely him!






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