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Nazizi speaks after dad is admitted in the Intensive care unit

January 26, 2021 at 17:30

Over the weekend Nazizi Harji’s went online to ask fans to help donate blood for her ailing dad who is currently admitted at the Nairobi Hospital ICU ward. And in a few hours she once again shared another post thanking everyone who came into donate.

In a detailed post the veteran artist went on to post saying;

Thankful for all the support. We have got almost all the blood now, I’m super thankful all I can is thank you on behalf of my family.

From her previous posts we understand that her dad, Firoze Hirji, has been at the ICU for almost a week now following an unnamed illness. Through her IG page, Nazizi narrated how tough things have been for her family saying;

On this day I was super thankfull that my mum was out of the hospital and was getting better. I’d spent a whole week with her talking and feeling blessed to have her around still. I went to the beach and reflected on our time together and how precious Life is ..Little did i know that just a few hrs after this pic I’d be thrown into onother whirlwind. It’s been 10 days since dad has been in hospital. I’ve spent alot of time with him too, I’m lucky I been on leave coz jah knows I wouldn’t be able to cope.

Juggling busy schedule

Being a mum and a daughter has been quite tough on Nazizi who went on to talk about this on the same detailed post. However this being part of life and despite having both parents in and out of hospital, Naz went on to add;

Nazizi shares photo of dad in ICU

The coming week will be another challenging one for I . Getting back to work when pops still in the hospital. Creating time to be with @tafari_firoz as his also back to school. Balancing all the responsibilities nuh easy sometimes. Thanks to everyone who has called, texted , sent me Dms of encouragement and the few who have shown up to visit. I appreciate all of you and I’m super overwhelmed to respond to everyone but I see you and I’m Thankful.

And in conclusion, the singer thanked fans and friends for the support they have been showing; and hopefully, her dad will be discharged soon.

Thank you for standing with my Family during this difficult time. I can’t thank you all individually but just know I feel the love. We feel u praying with us and we appreciate all of you.




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