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Never Drink Or Sleep With Your Bosses-Akothee Advices Her Daughters As They Graduate

December 06, 2021 at 11:39
Never Drink Or Sleep With Your Bosses-Akothee Advices Her Daughters As They Graduate

Rue Baby and Vesha Shaillan have made their mother Akothee proud after graduating from University this year and last year respectively. The single mother of 5 is in seventh heaven, as evident from their recent photo shoot. Rue Baby is the latest graduate from Strathmore University; and her mum celebrated her for being focused and honest while in school.

”I have no idea where this school called Strathmore is ! I don’t even know the accounts details nor the bank they bank with 😭😭😭😭.
I just transfer money into your account with hope you will either choose to spend or pay for your FUTURE !”

The ‘president of single mothers’ is now rooting for further success of her two daughters after their graduation. She has penned a long message to them, admonishing them on the do’s and don’ts to keep in mind;


Thank you very much for showing the young girls a proper direction of being a child first ,a student, to an adult 🙏, some of us have nothing that our parents could celebrate about 🙏 From jumping over the fence chasing pregnancies ,come back blame everybody 💪

”👉Be humble as always
👉Degree is theory ,now gain experience and work on your work ethics . Practicals yield results
👉Be time conscious ,you have not much left.

👉work to get paid ,don’t get paid to work , money should not be your motivation. WORK should be your greatest inspiration 💪
👉Avoid that negative empty workmate ,ignore and persue your goals.

👉NEVER HANG OUT / DRINK / SLEEP WITH YOUR BOSSES, Never sleep around your workplace ,you need new environment to do your shit ! Keep Work work No ROMANCE 💪
Keep Work ! Work and work ALONE





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