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“Never settle for breadcrumbs when you can have the whole meal!” Lilian Muli inks moving letter to abused women

May 04, 2020 at 11:05
"Never settle for breadcrumbs when you can have the whole meal!" Lilian Muli inks moving letter to abused women

Lilian Muli penned a long letter of advise to women either married to cheating husbands, to disrespectful men or to husbands who just can’t love their women right.

The Citizen TV news presenter has previously been in an abusive relationship that she walked out of and despite the societal bashing that comes with it, she decided to do it for herself.

The TV beauty is not about to take disrespect of women by men, lightly. At least not for now.

Businesswoman, Lilian Muli

Through her Instagram page, mama Liam asked women in abusive relationships not to think twice about settling for it under the notion ‘he will still come back home’.

I see women bruised & bleeding having to coax love out of a man. Trying to sanitize rejection with ‘all men cheat’, ‘as long as he comes back home’; trying to mine love where there’s none. I hope you get to be loved by a man that won’t need reminding!

Insisting that despite ‘the many frogs one kisses, they will one day find their prince’.

I am a firm believer that no matter how many frogs you’ve kissed along the way…you will one day find your prince. It might take a while and then BOOM! When you least expect it you will connect with a wonderful man.

Lilian Muli

Reiterating to women:

You deserve to be Loved right and respected. I value respect more; i believe you can’t Love if there’s no respect.


I Love me a man who knows how to Love his woman. And yes there are so many good men out there. So Many!!! so why settle for breadcrumbs when you could have the full meal all to yourself 😊

Light at the end of the tunnel

She goes on to tell women that when they eventually find genuine love, it is her hope they will go for it and learn to leave the past behind.

And when you don’t find that love, I hope you find the courage to leave. I hope you won’t say, ‘if he/she cheats, we cheat’. That’s a competition of fools; a brothel of trauma. You’ll find grace. Learn to leave people behind. Love yourself a little bit more! You’ll be okay!

Citizen TV news anchor, Lilian Muli

Articulating that no woman should settle for the idea ‘if he cheats, we both cheat’ because instead of giving relief, it will only traumatize the more.

You will not do that because you are not and have never been a cheat. It will traumatise you more to cheat to prove a point…you will hate yourself for doing it.


Do not devalue yourself because it was never a competition in the first place. Do not let anyone drive you there.


Well, a daring fan clapped back at the mother of two blasting:

This is why you’re single.

The TV queen did not spare the troll declaring:

single or married none of your business! Even if i have 10 boyfriends, they are mine. Utado?!

A stopper right there!





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