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New Banger, ‘The One’ by Diamond Platinumz is all about love

April 24, 2019 at 16:27
diamond platinumz with his model in 'The one" music video

Award winning Tanzanian Bongo music star Diamond Platinumz is not new to the scene when it comes to music about love.

Okay, hush!hush! about the baby mama drama. Lets break down his latest hit titled ‘The one”.

The song is basically channeling love all over  and to whether it was a love expression to Diamond’s love Tinashe or not is a story for another day.

But of course online Communities or as they call them ”online-in-laws” already made assumptions and whatever you say, You are right!


He starts of with the Wasafi Signarure followed by  the producers name…..Ayo Lizer-you say it smoothlygot it ? No? Ni sawa pia ina wenyewe hiyo.

Diamond and 'the One' model in the video

Slowly going down to his first line,

“My heart can never tell me lies I know you love me and the love is true And I feel the same way, I can’t deny Baby Ondi ku hole I will die for you”

Diamond is his feelings to his love in equal measure.I mean this guy knows what to tell a woman and how to make them feel. This just incase you still wonder why he got too much drama.

Look at the following lyrics,”I swear usitishwe na ya vimbelembele Oooh wanaopiga kelelelele Ati kujifanya viherehere Kwa sisi hawatoweza”.

Yaani , he gives you security of word of mouth, eeh!  You enter the box literally without question.


People with ‘Vimbelembele and viherehere‘ too bad.Diamond platinumz has marked his territory fully. Hopefully its no longer about “Sikomi”.

At the same time Diamond platinumz is under fire , with allegations of stealing this song.Initially, the audio of it was done  together with Namibian singer King TeeDee.

The reason to why  King Tee Dee did not feature in the video is not clear.As we wait for the details , I think we should enjoy this production “tukijisheketua”.

This because for me  Diamond did justice to it fully. Be it dance, costuming, ambiance and so on everything was on point. For this i give it a 9/10 rating.

Below is the video enjoy!




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