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New photo of Stivo Simple Boy’s alleged girlfriend emerges online (Photo)

January 06, 2022 at 11:57
New photo of Stivo Simple Boy’s alleged girlfriend emerges online (Photo)

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Having dropped a song just a few days to Christmas singer cum rapper Stivo Simple boy continues to prove that he will not be giving up on his career anytime soon.

Well, so far his music hasn’t been doing so well like before, but we blame it on the pandemic which affected most artists around the world.

Stivo simple boy

Anyway despite the challenges, Stivo Simplw continues to chase his side hustles to help provide for himself and girlfriend, Pritty. Yes, kama uko single Stivo akona wake!

Stivo’s girlfriend

We say this thanks to a new video shared on tiktok of Stivo Simple boy having a playful conversation with his alleged girlfriend. From the video we hear he lady joke about Stivo buying her underwear – as she encourages him not to give up as one day things will look up for them. Pritty says;

Stivo Simple Boy

 Amen, atafungua…ndio ata siku moja uninunulie suruali,”

To which Stivo jokingly responds saying;

Kwenda uko

Probably because of how shy he is – but again, that must have been one awkward statement especially on camera, right?

Anyway checkout photo of Stivo’s alleged girlfriend, Ms Pritty.

Stivo Simple boy’s girlfriend, Pritty

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