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“Ni Papa Wemba ama Papa Jones” Kenyans on social media roast Khaligraph Jones for bleaching

May 08, 2017 at 14:36
Khaligraph Jones

Where are the chills though! Kenyans on social media seem not to understand what they are and so far we know how ruthless they get especially when it comes down to roasting someone on social media.

Anyway, Khaligraph Jones happens to be their latest victim as he gave a reason to roast him  moments after everyone realized that he had  bleached face.

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The Yego hit maker who appeared on the Trend to talk about his career but most people who had tuned in to watch the interview were interested in his explanation for having a lighter face yet his hands were dark as before.

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According to him….Miss Cashy has introduced him to getting ‘facials’ which have been helping him get rid of the ‘sunburns’ and this is why he now appears lighter. He goes on to add that he has been drinking a lot of water which is why he is now getting a lighter skintone.

Kenyans on the other hand could not hold bacl from trolling the fella. The comments left under the video below can clearly show how ruthless how Kenyans can get.

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