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Nicah The Queen copies Vera Sidika, vows to take fan for lunch date 

May 25, 2018 at 11:32
Nicah The Queen copies Vera Sidika, vows to take fan for lunch date 

After Vera Sidika took a fan who went berserk after spotting her at a popular joint for lunch, it seem yet another celeb will be headed on that path.

Nicah The Queen, Dr. Owfeneke’s ex-wife, has also promised to take an Eldoret man named Ricc Berry to a fancy lunch after he penned a romantic letter pouring his heart out of how he loves her.

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“I am ready to take Ricc for lunch and I appreciate him for coming out and proclaiming his love for me. It takes a bold man to do that,” she told SDE. 

Ofweneke's baby mama, Nicah

Ofweneke’s baby mama

Just a lunch date

She went on to add that the date will be strictly a date and nothing more. She doesn’t need a man in her life.

“I’m not ready to be in a relationship or settle down,” she said.

Here’s the letter Ricc sent to her:

“Dear Nica: The Queen. I am penning this right here because I have good intentions for you and I know you are saved yes and I respect that. I too know you’re beautiful and yes I am proud of that.  You’re a mother and an artiste, great. Najua hunijui, but I have been trailing you from time immemorial and truth be told, I am dying for your love.

I am just a barista with full hopes of making you my wife someday. I respect you and your salvation, above all, your beauty in totality gives me sleepless night on how I can get you.

Sina kitu naja na roho yangu tu hivi hoping to find you Nicah. And this I will one day confess on national TV. With regards, Ricc Berry.”





  1. robert kinyoz : August 9, 2018 at 1:48 pm

    sometimes you have to feel how something comes even to me I saw your the one among of women’s whose very strong in his family
    don’t ever destroying ur relationship couse our feeling gave their challenge’s

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