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Nice Wanjeri after being called ugly: I had a very low self-esteem

April 10, 2019 at 08:23
Nice Wanjeri after being called ugly: I had a very low self-esteem

Actress Nice Wanjeri has opened up how being called ugly while growing up lowered her self esteem.

The mother of one, who parted ways with her baby daddy a few months ago, shared how she grew up in a negative setting that also ruined her childhood. She promised herself that her daughter grows up differently.

As a child, I grew up around a lot of negativity. I vividly remember the number of times I’d overhear some relatives claim that I would not amount to anything. They didn’t care that I could hear them and that they are speaking to my spirit. ‘kaschana kana macho kubwa na kamwili ni kijiti, mdomo kiherehere tu.’ This really messed up my self confidence.”

She went on:

“At a young age, I vowed to bring up my young ones in an environment full of positive vibes, letting them know that they do not need people’s approval to know their worth, intelligence or beauty.
I went through it so that they don’t have to. The cycle had to be broken, break yours too.”


In previous interviews, the actress has talked about how the ordeal affected her personality and almost ruined her career.

“There are those who go home crying about it and it is over, but as for me, I had a very low self-esteem when I was young, until 2016,” she said. “It still comes back at times, but you have to live with it. I used to go to a place, nikiambiwa I am slender, I would not sleep.”




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