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“Nigerians and Luhyas have the biggest mjulubeng” Akothee and Victoria Kimani discuss men with biggest manhood

November 08, 2018 at 08:13
"Nigerians and Luhyas have the biggest mjulubeng" Akothee and Victoria Kimani discuss men with biggest manhood

Akothee and Victoria Kimani are some of the most traveled celebrities in Kenya. The two singers have sampled men of different nationalities and have made an interesting conclusion about men in regard to the load they carry between their legs.

Victoria and Akothee recently spent quality time together in the Coast, they were seen parading some skin at the beach in Malindi town.

The two singers took time off their vacation to discuss men. Their topic specifically centered on men with the biggest manhood in Africa.

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Nigerians and Luhyas

Akothee and Victoria concluded that Nigerian and Luhya men carry the biggest load between their legs. From their talk you could easily conclude that they have first hand experience to assert that Nigerians and Luhyas have the anacondas.

The two singers praised Nigerians and Luhyas as they held big yam-like plants on their hands. Watch the video below:

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