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Nightmare! Huddah speaks about life after losing her 4 front teeth while in high school

June 29, 2020 at 15:30
Nightmare! Huddah speaks about life after losing her 4 front teeth while in high school

Socialite Huddah has lately been active on social media; and the truth is, she might using this opportunity to cover her tracks after a video showing her wild side emerged on social media.

So apparently, Huddah has been running her business on the low but thanks to her Arab friends; fans now know that she actually never quite hawking her goods i.e lipstick among others goods!

Anyway, thanks to a posts shared on Instagram; we have now learnt that Huddah spent her high school years without her 4 front teeth. She talked about this in a post where she threw shade at her haters (Edgar Obare among others) saying the Almighty always fights her battles.

Lol! I lost 4 front teeth at age 13 my nickname was mapengo through out high school always made fun of me.

Spent Ksh 920,000 on teeth

But years later, the same people that shamed her for her teeth have been reduced to nothing! According to Huddah these same bullies live a miserable life; and now she can afford to change her front teeth that cost her almost Ksh 920,000.

On her post, Huddah went on to add;

Not to worry because they all miserable right now and I have teeth…. My veneers have to be customized . I paid $2300 per tooth!And I’m happy!

This however comes days after a video showing Huddah getting nasty with her rich clients at an unknown destination.

The video has not only proven that the rumors linked to her are true; but at least young women who admire her lifestyle now get to see how hard it is to achieve such a lifestyle.

Huddah’s post

Anyway truth is, with all the advise Huddah has been dishing on social media about hard work….will fans now listen after learning that she hasn’t retired from the game just live Vera?




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