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“Niliambiwa nina sauti mbaya haiwezi imba” Kidum opens up about rejection that left his self esteem broken 

September 24, 2020 at 16:54

Singer Kidum has been through it all! Back before his career even began; Kidum says that he came across a Catholic music teacher who apparently told him that he wouldn’t sing.

The singer who swept East African’s away through his music 10 years ago; went on to reveal how the certain white Catholic man told him off about his husky voice.

According to the white man; Kidum had no potential in making music hence got kicked out of the choir for the same reasons. Speaking to Cate Rira, Kidum opened up about this saying;

Kidum with wife and child

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Niliwai kufukuzwanga kwa choir. Nilifukuzwa kwa sababu ilikuwa ni ya Catholic so huyu mzungu mwenye alikuwa anatufundisha aliniambiaga na ikaniaffect sana kuwa nina sauti mbaya. Ni kawaida niliambiwa nina sauti ina homa homa hivi.


Speaking to Cate Rira who recently called it quits at Nation FM; Kidum went on to add that in time, his confidence was once again rebuilt by his guitar teacher who stepped in.

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The teacher went on to encourage him by reminding Kidum that any voice can sing as long as it is properly trained. He went on to add;

Lakini niliwai pata mwalimu mwingine wa guitar ambaye aliweza kubuild ile confident. Akaniambia any voice can sing na mpaka leo natumiaga hiyo.

Watch the video below courtesy of Ms Rira.





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