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Nilikuwa Napenda Madem Na Pombe- Kabi WaJesus Speaks On Life Before Getting ‘Saved’

September 15, 2021 at 22:26
Nilikuwa Napenda Madem Na Pombe- Kabi WaJesus Speaks On Life Before Getting 'Saved'

Popular YouTuber Kabi WaJesus; real name is Peter Kabi has shared his miserable earlier life before he got ‘saved’ and changed his ways. The 30 year old shared his story on their YouTube channel alongside his wife Milly WaJesus. As a young boy, Kabi was on a drinking spree and smoked bhang a lot.

”Nikiwa class 6 I went to visit someone… Nilifika uko nikakuta chupa mzima ya pombe. I took that mzinga nikaikunywa almost yote… I almost died. Tulikunywa pia na family member. Tukikunywa akaanguka coz alikuwa younger than me. I had heard that mtu akikunywa pombe anafaa kuendea maziwa. Mimi kukimbia kuendea maziwa kwa duka, pia mimi nikaenda nikaanguka uko. I fell right there nikajiumiza mapua ata mimi nikaanza kutoa povu…”

Kabi discloses he started drugs while he was in class 5. His friends greatly influenced him into drugs. His mum tried to convince him to stop doing drugs but all was in vain.

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In addition, Kabi states he used to have multiple partners after high school. He did all sorts of immorality, including having threesomes.

Kabi would later seize from drugs after he took excess bhang to a point of almost taking his own life. According to him, he felt like he was breathing his last while at it; but asked God to give him a 2nd chance and he would stop taking drugs.

Kabi is now one of the most successful YouTubers in the country; with over 400K subs. He credits all his success and healthy love life to God.




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