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“Nimewahi kufanya kazi ya kupika sabuni” Otile Brown

January 14, 2020 at 15:53
“Nimewahi kufanya kazi ya kupika sabuni” Otile Brown

Otile Brown recently had an opportunity to speak with journalists from Wasafi TV about his new song, love life; and the man he has since become since venturing into music.

Just like most artists Otile Brown did not have it easy before the fame and money. Speaking during his interview with Wasafi TV the Kenyan singer opened up about his hustles leaving many shocked.

Otile Brown

According to Otile Brown he worked as a soap production company among other places but none of these places paid well. Having struggled through out him learn the importance of hustling and now he is one determined hustler.

“Mimi ni Hustler, Mbali na Muziki nina Biashara zangu, Nna Maduka Mawili Mombasa, Nimewahi kufanya kazi ya kupika sabuni, Nimefanya vitu vingi lakini lo tupo hapa”

Otile Brown discovered by Jalang’o

Although Otile Brown and Jalang’o friendship challenged somewhere along the way; the singer once revealed that he is grateful for everything the comedian cum radio presenter taught him.

Otile Brown the lover boy on 'Nabayet'

Otile Brown

Word has it that Jalang’o discovered Otile Brown back when he was a rapper in Mombasa; and seeing the potential OB had, Jalang’o pushed him to singing since he saw that this was his strength.

OB is now ranked among the top artists in East Africa and looking at all his projects so far; we cannot argue about this!





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