Nimo Gachuiri’s priceless reaction after receiving brand new car from hubby, Mr Seed

Singer Nimo Gachuiri was rumored to be in bad terms with husband, Mr Seed who cheated and left his other woman pregnant. Since then, the young mum of one stopped posting things to do with her husband; and was now fully concentrated on building herself.

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Mr Seed with wife, Nimo and son

I mean, how else would she have handled the betrayal when everyone on social media was aware of it?

Anyway couple of months later and the couple is back to being happy and stronger than they had ever been before. Unlike before when Mr Seed was everywhere with his youngin friends, these days all he does is work and spend time with family.

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Brand new Mazda Demio 2013

Well having been gifted a new Demio (probably as an apology gift) Nimo for the first time in a long time gushed over her husband praising him for being the best.

Responding to Mr Seed’s post about the new gifted car, Nimo left a comment saying;

We work as a team we win as a team ???????????????????????? to infinity babbbbyyy ❤️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️????love ya

See, money and fancy gifts resolves all problems!

Anyway as Mr Seed’s family continues to parade their affection and new found love on social media; his other baby on the other hand is shaming them for neglecting their newborn son.

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