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Ningechonga viazi on Valentine’s Day but the MCo-op Cash app saved me big time, here’s how

February 20, 2019 at 14:05
Ningechonga viazi on Valentine’s Day but the MCo-op Cash app saved me big time, here’s how

I almost got dumped on Valentine’s Day! Right now, I’d be looking back at the good old days when I had a girlfriend and took it for granted. Luckily, a timely idea saved my relationship. Sijui ningeambia watu nini!

On the morning of Valentines, I received a text from bae. It was around 10 am. She wanted to know what I had planned for us that evening.

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After reading her message, it then dawned on me that it was actually Valentine’s Day and I was supposed to pull off a romantic gesture to show bae that I appreciate her.

Truth is I had nothing in mind. I thought it was just an ordinary day. I had not even noticed that most people in the office were in red outfits. Knowing too well that she might dump me for ‘simply’ forgetting that it was Valentine’s Day, I decided to play it cool.

“I got this. If I tell you what I’ve planned then it won’t be a surprise, will it?” I texted her back. Minutes later, she replied “Okay then. I can’t wait.”

I started panicking almost immediately there’s nothing worse than looking forward to something then ending up with disappointment.

As I went about my day I thought of several ways to surprise her but none of them seemed practical because I was too broke. Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of February and who has money kati kati ya mwezi? Surely.

I grabbed my notebook and calculated the cost of taking her out that evening. The figure came to KSh. 5700, this included a bouquet of flowers, chocolates, dinner for two at her favourite eatery, skating, cab fare and airtime to make calls here and there.

I started looking for the money after drawing my budget. I knew too well that my friends were also hanging on to their last coins. This meant that they weren’t able to bail me out even if they wanted to. I explored other options. Not only were loan limits extremely low, the interest rates were also too high.

When I was on the verge of giving up and coming clean to bae, I remembered that I have access to MCo-op Cash loans as a Co-operative Bank customer.

I dialled *667#, entered my pin, selected (8) Loan option, then I selected (2) and keyed in the amount that I wanted to borrow which was KSh. 6000.

In a matter of the seconds, my MCo-op Cash salary loan had been processed and deposited into my MCo-op Cash account. I could finally relax and wait to surprise bae in the evening. The best part was that she won’t have a clue of what I went through.

Optionally, you can install the MCo-op Cash app from Google Play Store or the iOS App Store. After signing up, you can borrow a salary advance loan of any amount between KSh. 1000 and KSh. 200,000. For businesses, the maximum limit is KSh 500,000.

Now that I am aware of the MCo-op Cash loan, I’m already planning a birthday surprise for her. This time around, I am going all out!





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