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“Nitafunga hiyo Kitu yako utakuwa unaona mke wako na macho” Pastor Ng’ang’a threats journalists who write about him 

August 27, 2019 at 10:28
"Nitafunga hiyo Kitu yako utakuwa unaona mke wako na macho" Pastor Ng'ang'a threats journalists who write about him 

Neno Evangelism pastor James Ng’ang’a has been on the headlines for almost the whole month now because of his church and ways of preaching.

The pastor, however, has come out to warn journalists who are always writing about him saying that he’ll punish them in ways they’ll never forget.

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Speaking to his church congregation on Sunday the pastor said that he’ll deal with anyone that that writes about him.

“Mniandike sana kwa hiyo gazetti, mniandike sana…Wanaume wale mtanichezea nitafunga hiyo kitu yako, utakuwa unaona mke wako na macho, ng’ombe wewe! Mnichezee mtaona, nitafunga hizo vitu zenyu, mtakuwa mkikaa mkiona kwa macho na mate!” he said. 

Adding: “Hiyo muweke itrend, nitawafunga hizo vitu zenu…nikuone hapo umeniandika.”


This threat, however, didn’t go down well with some of the church members who are now threatening to sue the controversial pastor.

The Neno men, through Otieno and Amisi Advocates, demanded that Ng’ang’a withdraws the said threats and insults issued against them within two days or they will sue him for defamation.





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