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“Nitapelekana wapi na mama mzee” Pastor Ng’ang’a reveals why he married a young wife

August 14, 2019 at 09:42
“Nitapelekana wapi na mama mzee” Pastor Ng’ang’a reveals why he married a young wife

Neno Evangelist’s Bishop Ng’ang’a recently shared a few unknown details about his young wife and their marriage.

The two got married back in 2012 at a lavish wedding held at the Windsor Golf club that saw their friends, family and members of their church attend.

Ng’ang’a with his wife

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However the couple has been maintaining a low profile for years now; until just recently when the man of God came out strong to give out a warning to those speaking ill about his wife.

Anyway in an interview with Massawe on Radio Jambo the Bishop went on to reveal that he loves his wife because she is educated and submissive. He said;

Pastor James Ng’ang’a and his wife Apostle Loise Maina Ng’ang’a


She is educated, beautiful, humble and submissive to me.

When asked why he settled for a young wife after his first wife died, the pastor made it clear that he wanted someone who would take care of him when he got older. He opened up saying;

When I get old she will take care of me. Nitapelekana wapi na mama mzee? I wanted to marry other women, among them politicians but then I looked at their mileage and decided not to because we would age together tukunywe dawa za pressure pamoja siku moja tukufe.

He went on to add;

I didn’t marry an older woman because I was afraid she would come with her grown kids and change my property to her children’s names. Also she wouldn’t love my kids. I wanted someone who would give birth to and take care of all my kids( including those from my first marriage

How they met

Speaking on how they met, Ng’ang’a says the lady’s mother was a member of his church and that is how he spotted her.

Her mother was a worshipper at my church and that’s how I knew her. She was in college pursuing a degree in Nairobi and I liked her.

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