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“Njenga alipata wazimu juu ya depression!” Comedian Zeddy spills it all

July 08, 2020 at 16:45
"Njenga alipata wazimu juu ya depression!" Comedian Zeddy spills it all

Zeddy is not the type of person to mess with! Yes, she is human and has refused to let other comedians undergo the same fate Njenga Mswahili; and Kasee faced before meeting their untimely death!

Speaking during an interview on Jalang’o TV; Zeddy opened up about revealing that Njenga Mswahili hit rock bottom to a point that he lost his mind. This is allegedly after he lost his job at Churchill show and was forced to return back to his old lifestyle.

According to Zeddy, Njenga never hid his struggle with depression. She went on to add that the late comedian was always open about his struggle but his plea often fell on deaf ears.

Before meeting his untimely death, the late Njenga was hospitalized at Mathare hospital as he had already lost his sanity due to depression.

Comedian Zeddy spills the beans

Mimi kuonana na yeye ya mwisho ilikuwa amekuja carni. Na alikuwa mbaya kabisa. ile kabisa unaona huyu mtu ni kama hayuko sawa. Hadi venye anaongea unaona huyu hayuko sawa. After 2 months nikaskia njenga amelazwa Madhare kwa wazimu. sijui alikaa huko miezi tatu ama nne; watu walienda kumuona but mimi sikupata hiyo time ya kwenda kumuona mathare. sasa mimi kuanzia hapo sikuwa naenda Carni.

No one tried to help

On the interview, she went further to reveal that the young man never hid the fact that he was struggling; and probably needed help which he never got.

Judging from her tone, it’s evident the female comedian was sure depression that pushed Njenga to his grave. Well if this is true, then it means the huge team running Churchill Show must have heard Njenga’s plea for help; yet no official stepped up to see how they could help the fella.

The late Njenga Mswahili laid to rest

Njenga alikuwa na depression ile kabisa kabisa…amesongwa na mawazo kabisa….so Njenga aliumia for long na pia alikuwa anaambia watu ye hakuwa ananyamaza.





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