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Njuguna and Celestine Ndinda celebrate 2nd wedding anniversary (Photos)

December 17, 2018 at 08:22
Njuguna and Celestine Ndinda celebrate 2nd wedding anniversary (Photos)

Comedian Timothy Njuguna and Celestine Ndinda walked down the aisle in a colorful wedding ceremony held at the PCEA Evergreen in Runda on 16th December 2016.

Njuguna met Celestine while they were both college students, it was love at first sight for the comedian who made it his mission to pursue Celestine until he managed to win her over.

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The two lovebirds were blessed with their first child sometimes in February 2018. The baby boy’s face was only unveiled to the public months later after he was born.

Njuguna, his wife and son

Njuguna, his wife and son

Sweet messages

Njuguna and his wife took to social media to write each other sweet messages on their second wedding anniversary;

“Happy anniversary love @blessednjugush  I can’t believe it’s been 2years already!! I thank God for the far He has brought us, Indeed He is able to do exceedingly, abundantly above all we could ask for. Cheers to more years!!!! Love you tim,” wrote Celestine Ndinda.

On his part, Njuguna wrote;

“Once you go kamba you dont Kambak….hapa stoki… 2016 was a good year and the years after have even been better. Sharing the same saltshaker and the same TV (well remote ni yako)been really cool… havent regreted, ever [email protected] asante kwa kupika btw hapa nilikua vizii…shukran za dhati pia zimfikie huyu kinyozi alitafuta hairline kweli kweli….
Now lets chase those college dreams….tuanze na Range,hao na tugis playmate (hii inaweza fanya nilale nje leo).
Everything we have always been specific about always comes to pass. Im so lucky to have by my side, your support so priceless see how far we’ve come…….anyway @celestinendinda come na salt kama uko kitchen…
#happyanniversary my weakness.”








  1. Happy anniversary guys

  2. Yani Jugus Ata sasa ni jokes…… Ossorait…..anyway happy anniversary to the Njugunas. You make a commendable couple

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