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Njugush doesn´t grow fat and people think I don´t cook for him – Celestine cries out

February 12, 2020 at 10:48
Njugush doesn´t grow fat and people think I don´t cook for him - Celestine cries out

Comedy couple, Njugush and Celestine Ndinda don´t have an all rosy marriage and they open up to what they hate about each other.

First, it clocks a solid 3 years since the two tied the knot but Njugush´s body size has never changed.

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For many, it is assumed that Celestine is the problem – she does not cook for the hubby.

Njugush with his pregnant wife

Njugush´s body size remains the same, 3 years down the line

But none of that is true according to the mother of one. In fact, she cooks, but Njugush is the one who fails to eat.

Speaking to Dr Ofweneke on Thursday Night, she expressed:

This guy doesn´t grow fat. Everywhere we go people are like, you don´t cook for your husband? But this guy does not eat. I cook, he doesn´t eat. He has not appetite. You see, everyone blames me.

To counter his lack of appetite, the funny man resorted to visiting the gym.

I went to the gym and added 5 kgs. My wife was going to the gym before I joined her. I realized its what you feel in the inside, you start having an appetite.

I went to the gym and added 5 kgs – Njugush

But what does he dislike about his wife?

What irritates me more about her is how she loves herself (anajipenda sana). When she goes to help herself in the washroom while we are asleep, she bangs the doors.

Being a high-spirited couple, it is hard to know when they are actually serious and when they are just bluffing.

Comedy couple, Njugush and wife, Celestine with their son, Tugi

Anyway, as Valentines keeps drawing closer, the two are set to have a comedy show go done on that same day.




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