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“No more babies until I have a ring on it!” Tanasha Donna declares

April 02, 2020 at 12:27
"No more babies until I have a ring on it!" Tanasha Donna declares

Kenyan personality, Tanasha Donna has been in two serious relationships so far and one lesson she has learnt, is to never spread her legs until she has a ring on it.

The commercial model who left for Tanzania early 2019, only to return but with a baby in her arms, does not regret any of it but her mistakes have taught her a lesson.

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Up and close with True Love magazine, the 24-year old revealed she has been through the thick of relationships and is not going to test the fire any more.

Mother of one, Tanasha Donna

She loves too much and the minute it comes to an end, the wounds hurt too deep for her.

I have gone through a lot for a woman my age. Relationships have given me a dark mindset so for my next relationship, I have decided I am not fornicating until he puts a ring on it. I am working on rebuilding relationships. I am the kind of person who shuts out people I love.


The young mother who previously opened up about her toxic relationship with Diamond, believes there are many more young women out here going through the same but lack the courage to walk out.

Admitting that her mum was never perfect but she at least taught the singer never to give up her dignity for material wealth.

A lot of young women out there may be caught up in toxic relationships and they don’t know and don’t want to leave. I want to speak to them. My mom wasn’t a perfect mom. No one is. But she taught me not to let money and material things replace my dignity as a woman.

Singer, Tanasha Donna

Reminding young girls who are busy eyeing the money out here, that ‘easy things never last’.

So many young girls out here are looking for sponsors or rich men. I am not going to say I was never tempted but easy things never last.

Tanasha is not a new name in the Kenyan celebrity world, having dated talented Kenyan film star, Nick Mutuma, before moving on with Diamond.

Diamond Platnumz (left), Tanasha Donna and Nick Mutuma (right)

Two relationships she describes as ones she gave her all, only to be disappointed. However, she has zero regrets.

I have been in two serious relationships in my life and I learnt something from these relationships. Never have regrets regardless. I would never say ‘Oh I regret this’. Everything happens for a reason and it’s always a lesson at the end of the day.

‘The less expectations one has when going into a relationship, the better it is for the individual’ she closed off.

One thing I have learnt is to never go into a relationship with expectations. They always lead to disappointment.

Kenyan model, Tanasha Donna





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