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“No trousers!” Celestine Ndinda narrates tough encounter with in-laws

June 02, 2020 at 16:32
“No trousers!” Celestine Ndinda narrates tough encounter with in-laws

We all have our uncertainties and fears when merging into another family. Let´s get straight to the point, anyone meeting their in-laws and especially for the first time, always feels uneasy.

Why do we always assume that we need to be ´perfect´ in this way or the other for us to be accepted into the new family? Just why?

Well, probably answers to that come in many dimensions but I don´t like that feeling. I can only imagine.

Wife to Kenyan comedian, Njugush had her fair share of awkward and embarrassing moments while meeting her in-laws.

Celestine Ndinda with her in-laws

Better known as Wakavinye, the mother of one revealed that Njugush´s parents were so conservative, she would never be allowed to put on trousers in front of them.

Born Timothy Kimani Ndegwa, the comedian´s dad was a clergy man and that only made things worse for the Kamba girl.

This forced her to cover up her trousers in loose-fitting long dresses every time she visited her in-laws.

Trousers are a ´no´. Kim´s parents do not like trousers. So, I used to wear trousers and carry a dhera and when I am near the house, I would wear the dhera.

Celebrity couple, Celestine Ndinda and Njugush

Fortunate enough, she has since been spared the ´torture´ as her hubby´s family has slowly learnt to accept the society of today allowing her to put on trousers but not the tight-fitting ones.

At least they have come to accept trousers. But I do not wear those tight ones, but when I wear a trouser, I wear something big on top. Something like a big dress top.

That wasn´t her only awkward moment. Mama Tugi divulged she did not understand how Njugush´s siblings would tell each other ´I love you´ and it´s not like they are married. Weird. Right?

Blessed Njugush and Celestine Ndinda with son, Tugi

It all started from her kind of upbringing where some kind of closeness with family members was not cultivated. Celestine was that girl that never hugged her dad because it just didn´t feel right.

I started telling them ´I love you´ recently. Even hugging: I hugged my dad for the first time in Form Four and it was just a tap.

It does get awkward sometimes.





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