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Not a joke! Jimmy Gait to travel to India for serious operation

August 08, 2019 at 08:23
Not a joke! Jimmy Gait to travel to India for serious operation

Singer Jimmy Gait has revealed that he’ll be traveling to India for socialized treatment after falling ill.

In a video shared on his YouTube page on 6 August, Jimmy Gait revealed that he has been ailing a reason why he has been missing on social media.

According to Jimmy Gait, he has been seeking treatment for an undisclosed ailment but nothing has helped, forcing him to travel to India.

“I have been battling a condition and have gone to quite a number of hospitals and it has been decided I have to go out of the country for specialised treatment,” he said.  


At first, Kenyans thought it was a joke and many rushed to troll him after his announcement last week. He had asked Kenyans to pray for him as he undergoes the treatment.

“I’m here just to ask for your prayers. If I’ve blessed you in any way through my music or any other way, it’s time for me to seek your support. Just say a prayer for me, it will go a long way. As I prepare to travel this week I believe in God it shall be well.” he said. 

Watch the video below:




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