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Not even pregnancy can slow down her swag; Mum-to-be Jacky Vike steps out in nothing but a hoodie and sneakers

March 31, 2017 at 08:55
Awinja aka Jacky Vike

At 6 months and Jack Vike is not really dressing like a pregnant woman. She knows how to mix and match her outfits and her latest photo shared on her Instagram proves it.

She was photographed wearing a hoodie and long socks which she paired with a pair of sneakers. Jacky Vike is not ready to ditch her cool swag for any average maternity clothes but she might have to embrace it when she hits the 8th or the 9th month.

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Judging from this new photo, it is also evident that she has not put on any extra weight and I bet she won’t have to deal with the baby fat issues most women have to deal with months after birth.

She is still glowing and at this point let us all agree that not even pregnancy can slow down her taste in fashion. Pretty much soon we might see her in hot pants and tiny dresses. Checkout the photo below:


Awinja aka Jacky Vike




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