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NRG’s presenter embraces her ‘attraction to the same sex’ as she introduces wealthy lesbian partner (Photos)

August 24, 2020 at 15:28
NRG's presenter embraces her 'attraction to the same sex' as she introduces wealthy lesbian partner (Photos)

Chimano did well after introducing the love of his life a week ago! Since then celebrities who have been hiding their true sexualities; in fear of being judged by the society have now found a common ground to show who they are without a second thought.

The latest celebrity to introduce her lesbian partner is NRG’s  Miss Henny aka Aurelia. The petite lass left tongues on Twitter wagging after showing off the lady, Chelsea Vancarter that has been holding her down in private.

As seen on the photo shared on her page, it appears that the two share nothing but love; which can no longer stay hidden. Miss Aurelia who had been keeping her private life on the low for years – not only left many hearts broken; but confused as the male species couldn’t where they went wrong!

Sauti Sol with their better halves

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To caption the photo, the presenter wrote;

And in this world, she’s my world Red heart

Miss Henny aka Aurelia with girlfriend, Chelsea

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2020 the year of surprises

With Chimano and Aurelia already embracing their sexualities, probably there are more still waiting for the right time to come out. However, we also understand that most fear being called out names – but truth is, life is all about taking chances by living it to the fullest!

Just like Chimano, Aurelia had a few characters judging her here and there; but after realizing how savage girlfriend, Chelsea Vancarter is – most opted to keep their sharp mouths shut!




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