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NTV colleagues share tear-breaking goodbyes on live TV

July 04, 2019 at 12:30
NTV colleagues share tear-breaking goodbyes on live TV

NTV´s Am Live show host, Debarl Inea shares heartwarming message to his assistant producer, Usha Jose as she exits the station.

In the presence of panelists: Senator Wamatangi, MP Moses Kuria, politician Jakoyo Midiwo and former Senator Boni Khalwale, the news anchor expressed:

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Usha I want to thank you so much.

She’s one girl that had demeanor, very gracious and accommodative.

I can be a very hard person to deal with but Usha has always been very accommodative.


Even in moments that we don’t see eye to eye, you’ve always been gracious.

From their end, the politicians too took up from where the NTV breakfast show host had left at with Senator Wamatangi lightly sharing:

From next week, I am going to boycott breakfast if you’re not there.

As former Kakamega Senator Boni Khalwale, briefly articulates:

On this panel, I am the only one who calls her my daughter, others I don’t know whether…

In a short speech, the exiting producer, Usha Jose pointed out how instrumental Debarl has been in her growth while she was at the station.

You have been so supportive, you have been a mentor, you have fought for me

and I would like to thank you so much for entrusting me when I was green- when I had never gone on air.

Additionally speaking to her panelists expressing:

I’m so grateful for the last four years…

you have been the first people I have spoken to every morning, you have started my day,

I have spent more time with you than anyone else.

Usha is exiting NTV for Star Times where she is set to host an entertainment show dubbed ¨Spice music¨.


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