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“Nunuanga gari mzuri sio mikebe!” Fan trolls Jalang’o

May 04, 2020 at 08:07
“Nunuanga gari mzuri sio mikebe!” Fan trolls Jalang’o

It is no secret that Jalang’o loves the expensive lifestyle and since he can afford it then why not?

In the past, the Milele FM’s radio presenter cum comedian once revealed that one of the greatest mistakes he committed was buying an expensive car; when he did not own a house – proving that his priorities were misplaced.

However with time, he finally managed to secure himself a home – where he now keeps his fleet of car collection.

Unfortunately having spent so much money on some of his cars, the comedian lost a certain part of one of his car’s that was allegedly plucked off while at the parking lot. According to Jalang’o, he tried replacing it however it seems that he could not get the exact original spare part in Kenya.

Jalang’o offers 10k

For this reason he offered to give anyone who could access the spare part 10k whether new or second hand; meaning he was indeed in need of the part.

With such an offer in these struggling days, fans definitely had a few things to say to the comedian. The serious ones sympathized with the celebrated radio presenter; while others used this opportunity to create a business relationship with Jalas by offering to give him the spare part for free.

The joker

Anyway as usual there are all type of people on social media and on this day; one of Jalango’s fans went all out calling out the comedian for buying cheap car.

In the comment section a guy by the name of Oneserio Edwin went on to imply that Jalang’o has been buying old; and used up cars that keep dropping parts while on the road. The guy wrote;

Halafu nunuanga gari Mzuri sio mikebe inaangusha spare parts barabarani

Fan trolls Jalas

Show some respect

However, this being a Benz that would probably cost several millions; other fans felt that Mr Edwin was acting disrespectful for not understanding or rather knowing the kind of lifestyle  Jalango lives.

Instead of letting him make noise on social media, Jalang’os loyal fans shut him up saying;




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