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Nyashinski cryptically responds to Nairobi women protesting his marriage

February 17, 2020 at 10:22
Nyashinski cryptically responds to Nairobi women protesting his marriage

Apparently, a section of Nairobi Women took to the streets to protest Nyashinski´s marriage to wife, Zia Bett, on Valentine´s day.

Friday, the 14th of February, hundreds of women from across the board, flooded Nairobi´s CBD in protest of legendary rapper, Nyashinski´s marriage.

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Carrying high, placards that read ¨Someone tell Shinski Madem wa Nairobi tumekataa¨”to ¨Niko sawa na wote Malaika¨…, just to mention a few.

According to the women´s spokesperson, Nyashinski did not inform them that they have an in-law, only to slap it on their faces.

Someone tell Shinski Madem wa Nairobi tumekataa – Nairobi women protesters

A step that has made the women unhappy, uncomfortable because he was their ´superstar and their bachelor´.

For them, this is freedom of speech because Nyashinki ¨means a lot to them.¨

To express the seriousness of the matter, the women sponsored a hashtag that trended for a better part of the weekend #Someonetellshinski

Nyamari Ongegu alias Nyashinski on Friday, the 1st of November 2019, officiated his relationship with Nandi girl, Zia Bett, in a traditional ceremony.

Nyashinski with his beloved, Zia Bett, late last year during their traditional wedding ceremony


The rap sensation, who has been abroad for a while, got wind of the protest and gave back his thoughts.

In an Instagram post, donning a hood with the words ¨Never mind the chaos¨ printed on it, he wished all:

Happy Valentines ❤️😘😊

Nyashinski respond sto Nairobi women protesting his marriage

Comment section

Exhilarated followers could not believe that is all he had to say, following the untimely protest.

Huwezi vaa “Never Mind the Chaos” na madame wako town wanasema urudishwe singles club🤣🤣🤣


Nyash huwanga jetli


Boss unatafutwa


Buda ladies are Protesting your marriage. Have you seen the news?😂😂😂😂😂

Before Nyashinski responded:

naongea nao kando, cheza tu chini 😂




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