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Nyce Wanjeri to Kenyans: Stop begging me for that s*x tape, that’s not me 

June 07, 2019 at 10:31
Nyce Wanjeri to Kenyans: Stop begging me for that s*x tape, that's not me 

Former Auntie Boss actress Nyce Wanjeri was recently forced to bash fans who have been camping on her social media channels begging for a sex tape.

Apparently, there’s a sextape doing rounds on social media that has a lady who is a photocopy of the popular actress.

Even after Nyce came out to clearly state that she is not the one on the viral tape, fans have not let up and some believe it’s her and want the tape.

She asked her true die-hards to help kill the story.

“Ok, wacha tumalize hii wenda wazimu na nonsense kabisa I need jeshi yangu we spread this kote! Juu clearly watu bado wanatafuta video yangu ya “Kuni”, nikiwa juu ya “miti” mbaya,” part of her message read.


On Tuesday, through several posts she came out to defend herself stating that the lady in the sex tape is not her.

Nyce Wanjeri urged those asking for the tape to find it from other people.

“send them these 23 seconds This one they can watch it with children as well. Ukitaka nikutumie itisha kwa DM. Let the message be clear, we shall not break! #StrenghtOFaWoman Kesho ikifika, tusiongelee hii kabisa”




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