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Nyota Ndogo smitten with the Tanzanian singer Barakah the Prince

November 03, 2017 at 17:06
Nyota Ndogo smitten with the Tanzanian singer Barakah the Prince

Nyota Ndogo is strongly attracted to Tanzanian singer Barakah the Prince. The songbird recently opened up about her puppy love for the Tanzania singer.

They say the blacker the berry the sweeter the juice, this specifically true in the case of Barakah the Prince. The Tanzanian singer is team dark skin but ladies love him like crazy.

Barakah the Prince

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Ladies love Barakah’s black complexion, they say black is beautiful. The singer has however been trolled by men over his color.

Nyota Ndogo loves Barakah’s complexion

Nyota Ndogo admits that Barakah’s the Prince skin tone drives her crazy. The singer however explains that she’s not obsessed with Barakah, she only loves his color.

“Kusema ukweli mimi rangi ya huyu kijana uwa inanimalizaga.yupo na black nyengine ajab sana.nimesema nimependa rangi yake,” wrote Nyota Ndogo.

“?? @nyota_ndogo thanks sister” Barakah the Prince thanked Nyota Ndogo.






  1. They look alike

  2. This guy is dark and smooth

  3. One time he was angry someone said he was black

  4. I like his songs

  5. Barakah the prince himslf

  6. Nice indeed,they rhyme

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