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“NYS and Health Ministry scandals inspired my sons to rob KCB Thika” Father of two thieves says his sons are straight ‘A’ students

December 01, 2017 at 07:31
"NYS and Health Ministry scandals inspired my sons to rob KCB Thika" Father of two thieves says his sons are straight 'A' students

Apparently KCB Thika branch was robbed by straight ‘A’ students. No wonder they were able to pull one of the most daring bank robberies of all times.

Police on Friday November 24th arrested three relatives who robbed KCB Thika branch. The three suspects are; Halford Munene Murakaru (32) his brother Charles Mwangi Murakaru (30) and their cousin Julius Ndungu Wainaina (30).

The three gained entry into the bank’s strongroom after digging a 30-metre underground tunnel for over six months. But unfortunately they were arrested a few days after making away 52.6 million shillings.

The three suspects Halford Munene Murakaru, Charles Mwangi Murakaru and Julius Ndungu Wainaina when they were presented in court

17 million of the stolen cash was recovered from at woman’s one-bedroom apartment in Juja town. It’s not clear whether police have recovered the rest of the money.

The brothers are straight ‘A’ students

Nation interviewed Halford and Charles Murakaru’s father who reveals that his sons are exceptionally bright. 59-year-old Titus Murakaru Githui says his sons are university graduates who scored straight As at Nyeri High School.

Mr. Githui says his sons didn’t get any formal employment after clearing university. He claims that all along he knew his sons as tenderpreneurs with the right business connections.

NYS and Ministry of health scandals motivated them to rob KCB

Titus Murakaru says the theft of Kes 791 million at NYS during Anne Waiguru’s tenure at Devolution Ministry and Kes 5 billion Health Ministry scandal, motivated his sons to rob KCB.

Titus Murakaru Githui

“The perpetrators of these scandals got away with it. We know them and they are still at large. How do you tell your children not to do these things when senior government officials engage in blatant theft and get away with it?

“We raised our children in a Christian way and moral uprightness but when they go out there they hear of people carrying money in sacks and nothing happens to them, what prevents them from engaging in that kind of vice if they can also get away with it?” Titus Murakaru told Nation.

I was not shocked

The 59-year-old says he was not shocked when he learnt about his sons involvement in KCB Thika heist on TV. He explains that he has heard many scandals in Kenya thus his son’s theft didn’t shake him.

“I have heard about many scandals in this country and I’m, therefore, not surprised that it happened. I heard the late Nichalas Biwott quoted saying ‘I would rather die than remain poor’. This is the Kenya we are living in— corruption and theft is becoming a way of life in Kenya and is badly influencing our children,” he said.

Meanwhile court on November 30th released all the three suspects on bond of 4 million each. Prosecution did not provide sufficient evidence on why they should be remanded. Hearing on 29th march, mention on 14th December.





  1. Nicholas Biwott transferred a huge chunk of Kenyan national wealth into foreign hands while being guarded by the security details of the countries now owning the Kenyan wealth and resources that he transferred to them.

    While Biwott was busy transferring the Kenyan National wealth into foreign hands, any Kenyan with the knowledge of what Biwott was during was tortured at Nyayo House or disappeared without trace
    or fled to foreign lands for their lives; Kenyan University Students were dealt accordingly as their education was being sabotaged to oblivion by the 8th grade former teacher called Daniel arap Moi who was then president of Kenya; Biwoot-Moi reign also saw the creation of one the largest slums on planet earth which visible from the moon while in the space craft, KIBERA! AS KENYAS WEALTH WAS BEING LOOTED DRY, SLUMS WERE BEING CREATED ALL OVER KENYA!!!!!!!!

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