NYS suspect Ngirita: Cop framed us after I declined his offer to buy me Black Label Whisky

June 11, 2018 at 12:09
NYS suspect Ngirita: Cop framed us after I declined his offer to buy me Black Label Whisky

NYS scandal suspect and now center of attention, Ann Wambere Ngirita and other three family members have come out to shockingly share that an officer framed them after Ann said no to his sexual advances.

The family which is among 43 other suspects implicated in the NYS scandal, claim that the officer wanted to buy Whiskey but they denied.

Four members of the Ngirita family – Jeremiah Ngichini Ngirita, Ann Wambere Ngirita, Phylis Njeri and their mother Lucy Ngirita, have been accused of defrauding the NYS in excess of Sh100 million.

Ngichini said that chief investigating officer Mike Julius Kingoo Muia implicated them in the scam to settle personal scores after they cut business ties with him.

“I together with Mike Julius Kingoo Muia have been carrying out business of supplying hardware and renovating facilities at the National Youth Service in Gilgil,” Ngichini said in an affidavit sworn on June 7. 

No, but Thanks for the offer

He went on to narrate that the meeting was in Langata and that the officer wanted to buy them Black Label whiskey which they declined. He also wanted to bed Ann.

“After our business and relationship went soar, Mike Julius Kingoo Muia vowed to use his position to fight our family. At the meeting, he suggested that we should proceed to his residence to take refreshments which we declined. He then told us that he would take the statement of Ms Wambere Ngirita at his residence alone as they enjoy “Black Label Whisky which we declined.”he said.

Ann Wambere


“Muia assigned himself to write the statement of Ms Wambere and the said taking of statement lasted from 9am to 3pm where they constantly disagreed as a result of his sexual advances to her.”

“The cause of all the allegations against me and my family is due to the business disagreements between Mike Julius Kingoo Muia and ourselves. All the said allegations are totally false and malicious.”




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