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Octopizzo closes the year with new hit Kamikaze

December 16, 2019 at 21:36
Octopizzo closes the year with new hit Kamikaze

Octopizzo is back with a new tune Kamikaze. The Kibera born star is closing the year with a super dope hit. This comes after his latest collaboration with Gengetone artistes Sailors Gang.

Octopizzo is known for his great work in art and even in Kamikaze, he has not fallen short. The song is lit and from the production, one can tell it is worth.

Kamikaze is a song in which Octopizzo praises himself and talks only about business. According to the star, he is in the game to win and earn.

Octopizzo closes the year with new hit Kamikaze

Octopizzo is all business in Kamikaze

To start with, in the chorus he talks on how he will accept cash deposits and cheques.

Although Kamikaze might appear like there is only one idea, the star goes ahead to talk about a girl whom he refers to as the baby.

Baby look look look, look at me I be ushered when you look at me What do you see? Pizzo the King.

Akili nywele we kipara Mheshimiwa hii idara Msupa cheza chini bana Hizo haga nazidara. My people, the rate at which Nambananne is getting to the gengetone vibe is alarming.

Octopizzo closes the year with new hit Kamikaze

Actually, in the line above, he introduces it so well and that is a very common saying. Things go south when he starts to mention asses and how he is going to caress them. I mean he is past this BS.

Namba nane kamikaze Hao wengine wajikaze Hii ni mboka niko kazi Cash check madeposits. Also, it is evident from this chorus that every man for himself. One needs to what they gonna eat.

Although some lines are not very interesting, Octopizzo has done a great job in his production work. I must say that it meets the international selection criteria.

Octopizzo is a lyrical master and Kamikaze confirms it all. In conclusion, he gets a rating of 6/10.

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