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Octopizzo could be Kenya’s richest musician, here’s why

August 24, 2019 at 16:21
Octopizzo could be Kenya's richest musician, here's why

Have you ever wondered how rapper Henry Ohanga, alias Octopizzo, makes his money because the truth is that he’s not hot on the streets as was the case 5 (or so) years ago which means that he does not get many shows – which is the biggest source of income for most artists.

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Interestingly, the Kibera-bred rapper is still laughing all the way to the bank and in my opinion, he is making more money than any other Kenyan artist and it’s not necessarily from his music.

You see, at the peak of his career Octopizzo developed a relationship with humanitarian organisations such as the United Nations and they have continued to engage him to date.

As you would expect, such assignments come with hefty perks and a lot of travel which explains why he is always out of the country.

Secondly, Octopizzo has maintained a clean image save for an incident early this year where he got into a scuffle with a 19-year-old boy, an incident that left the latter dead.

The Oliel hitmaker sells the story of grass to grace since he came from the slums and became something.

To add to that, has has a good image and this is what many brands love this explains why he was picked as an ambassador for Smirnoff alongside other brands.

Lastly,  unlike many Kenyan artists, Octopizzo monetizes his music. His songs are enlisted on platforms such as iTunes and Spotify, this way he’s able to make some coins through his music.

Listen to his latest single Kanye below.




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