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Octopizzo performing his new jam ‘Kanye’

August 14, 2019 at 09:06
Octopizzo has a new jam dubbed Kanye

Octopizzo performs his new jam Kanye. Kanye is filled with a lot of energy. We all know how this guy performs and the treatment he gives his music. The talented Kenyan artist has been doing so well in the music industry for a long time. Consistency is his thing.

Henry Ohanga, commonly referred to by his stage name Octopizzo is an award winning, recording and performing artist, humanitarian and an entrepreneur. Born in the sprawling slums of Kibera, Nairobi. He purposed to earnestly pursue his career in music.

What is ‘Kanye’ about?

Kanye in this context is all about where. There is a lot of self praise in this jam. We look at the first stanza first; Enda umwambie ongeza sauti asikie Mrembo asilie kwa Benzo we nikalie Pandisha mzuka babe nizungushie Akisha cooker dele nichachishie.

Octopizzo Knaye singer born and raised in Kibera

The kind of language used here though. To start with, here he is talking about a girl not crying in a Benz. Also the girl is told to dance for him. Find out which kind of dance this is and which cooker the driver is lighting!!!!

Its another one ni ngori eeh Kila siku kwetu holiday Msupa de punguza chocha de. In this stanza he praises his song as he says that everyday to them is a holiday.

Also there are stanzas that you should not miss, like this one; Niite plumber venye nabonga choo Kwenye boxer the only place nakuwanga ligi soo Ligi libido, niko ma ngiri though NFL, NBA hizo mbili bro. There is a lot of symbolism in this one where he compares himself to a plumber. Did he just say Ligi libido?

Kanye has had a positive reception from his fans. In addition, the jam has also proved that Octopizzo is not leaving the music scene anytime soon.

In conclusion Kanye by Octopizzo gets a rating of 6/10.

Below is a link to the video.




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