Oga Obinaa: I have more than 15 kids 

December 06, 2018 at 10:42
Oga Obinaa: I have more than 15 kids 

Comedian Oga Obinna recently celebrated his wife birthday in style, buying her a brand new car to cap the whole publicized event that was shared all over social media.

Obinna first treated the mother of his four children to dinner before surprising her with the gift. In an interview with Radio Jambo’s, Massawe Japanni, the Churchill show comedian, however, had another surprise for his fans.

Obinna confessed..or hinted… that he has more than just four kids out there. 15 to be exact.  Obinna made the statement after Jappanni asked him to introduce himself on radio.

“Oga Obinna is a father after all,  father to they say 25 but I am sure about 17. You know some of them when they come with their mothers you look at the children and you doubt. But you know if you want to know your child look at the shape of the head,” said the comedian.

Joking or serious?

He went on adding that;

“Ok four kids are mine but the rest came with their mothers. Thirteen were ready made now four are mine, those are three ladies and one is a gentlemen, actually my second born daughter, Brianna is turning six today.

“So I am a father, a very funny person, a musician then I do event hosting where we also do artist management. So that’s what I do for now.”

Was he joking or the statement had some truth in it? You be the judge.

Listen to him below:


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