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Oksyde is back with a remix of ‘Toka Teke’

October 15, 2019 at 11:53
Oksyde is back with a remix of 'Toka Teke'

Oksyde is back with the remix of your favourite jam Toka Teke. In this jam, the singer has brought on board some of the big names in the industry. He features Monski, Katapilla and the one and only Tunji.

Although the original song was done an year ago, the remix is more dope, you will keep replying it.

Oksyde is taking his work to the next level and his collaboration with Tunji, Monski and Katapilla .

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Toka Teke which is done in rap has used the repetition style, which brings out the actual meaning of the song.

It is right to say that this is his best work this year and you are all going to confirm it.

Oksyde is back with a remix of 'Toka Teke'

Toka Teke message and relevance today

Toka Teke is a jam that is simple to understand as it is taking on  competitors.

“Twende masaa, give them a run Twende masaa, give them a run.
Also, the song seems to be describing what they do as a gang. It is more of a diss song as they are clap back at their haters in the industry.

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“Flexing on them on em nina power babaa I got the streets from mama to children They be screaming, sawa babaa Mbogi mbogi ina.

Oksyde is back with a remix of 'Toka Teke'

Although the video and the audio are well done, honestly in the song there is no vybe. Oksyde being in the game should bring something more serious.

For relevance purposes, it is okay for the collaboration but content wise it is a lie.  Toka Teke is so easy and just the simple rap. Seems like in this case there is an a new OG in town. There is more that Oksyde should do because he is a great rapper and no one will take that from him.

In conclusion, Oksyde and the crew only gets a rating of 5/10 in the Toka Teke jam as they did not deliver as expected.

Video below.




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