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Ommy Dimpoz goes raunchy with Sassy Nandy on “Kata”

January 09, 2020 at 21:30
Ommy Dimpoz with Sassy Nandy bring us Kata on new year

Ommy Dimpoz is here to start the year with you on his new jam Kata. The Rockstar star has teamed up with Tanzania’s finest Nandy to give you the best.

Kata is a club banger that is aimed at celebrating the two artiste.  This song celebrates the spirit of the year 2020 and both artiste have gone out of their normal comfort zone to step into a party vibe and show the other side of talent they both haves.

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Ommy Dimpoz with Sassy Nandy bring us Kata on new year

Honestly, this is the best collaboration to usher in 2020. I am still replying this jam, Kata as I type. It is so lovely that I am sure you will not get satisfied.

Kata is a song that you only need your eyes to feast on the scenes

The way Nandy performs in her work with all the energy combined with her beautiful voice. On his end, Ommy Dimpoz does not disappoint.

They are talking of having fun as lovers and for sure you are going to feel the vibe. One thing that has left me shocked and falls more in love with this song is the beats.

In addition to the strong lyrics by Ommy Dimpoz and Nandy, the duo introduces Kata in a water scene. It is such a sensual scene that will leave thinking they are an item.

Ommy Dimpoz with Sassy Nandy bring us Kata on new year

Also, their choice of costume is just amazing. In all the scenes they are appearing ooh my God! This looks like a tape that you would not watch with your parents or kids.

The way Nandy is swaying her hips man! I have no words to describe the scene.  Although there is more suggestive content, the duo has given us a jam to talk about for the whole year.

Ommy Dimpoz truly has thought of his music and starting the year this way with Kata, seems there will be a lot in the picture.

In conclusion, Ommy Dimpoz and Nandy get a rating of 7/10 in Kata.

Video below.




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