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Ommy Dimpoz is all about love and groove in new jam “Show me”

September 19, 2019 at 13:17
Ommy Dimpoz of Show me song

For a man that faced a near death situation, Ommy Dimpoz has every reason the celebrate and enjoy his life.

On the day he was celebrating his birthday  on 13th of September he  released his new jam “Show me”.

The guy has been on musical release spree that has seen him collaborate with various artists across the world including Kenya as a country.

Show me

With the recent success, this new jam ‘Show me’, this is a feel good love song.

Ommy DimpozYes your typical love story but with a touch of class, pomp and groove. From the look at the video, the joy depicted by the artist is unfathomable. He has created a song that clearly was meant for the woman he loves.

Speaking of which, who is his girlfriend, wife or baby mamma? Well we shall find out.


As expected Tanzanian artists always have a way with their words that you would definately fall in love with their music.

Their poetic concepts always come out so well.In this song he starts of with the chorus that goes as follows, “Tell you mummy, show me what you got Eeh eeh show me what you got Tell you mummy, show me what you got Eeh eeh show me what you got….”
Am sure we all get what he means by that.Further on he goes on to tell us how he was on quest to conqur the love of this girl that he finally has .

Especially when he says,“Nilikuwa nakawinda Nimekaona leo Jicho nyusi yametinda Pozi za kisafi leo Kwani mara kibinda Natamani akanipe leo Kwa uzuri ameshinda Nakapandisha vyeo”
These lines are what i was talking about when I mentioned poetry. He  goes on to tell  us the love he feels for her.

Well for the lyrics I must say Ommy Dimpoz did a good job especially with the blend of some spanish in it.

Production and Video

The song was done in Beverly Hills under Rockstar Africa Entertainment. Basically the concept was well executed.

Rating I will go for 7/10.Watch and tell us what you think.





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