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“The online hate directed at me is not new” Dennis Oliech finally speaks

October 05, 2017 at 16:42
Dennis Oliech

It is never fun to see people trolling you on social media and in the past we have heard of people taking their own lives as they could not handle internet bullies.

Dennis Oliech is however different. According to him he has seen it all since he is not new in the entertainment industry. Therefore trolling him and calling him names on social media pages would not hurt his feelings nor lower his self esteem.

Dennis Oliech


Speaking during an interview with e daily the footballer said that in the ten years he has been making headlines there is nothing he has not heard, from the good to the bad.

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For this reason he has learned not to pay attention to the gossip spreading around about him. He also went on to add that he does not consume gossip and this is why he has been having the care free attitude. He said;

“I have made news headlines, good and the bad, for ten years now. I have seen it all on mainstream and social media, and the online hate directed at me is not new. If anything, I do not consume gossip.”

With that in mind we now understand why he has been maintaining his silence until just recently when he gave his opinion about the rumors claiming he is not in a good place financially…hence his appearance at Koroga Festival.





  1. Thats the best approach man,its crazy

  2. Online trolls are bad as hell

  3. Its over now Oliech pole sana

  4. Online trolls had a field day but shame on them

  5. Am so sorry Dennis

  6. Hillary Amwoka : October 6, 2017 at 6:28 am

    people will always talk Deno,I love the way you have handle it.

  7. Felix Aswani Muhindi : October 8, 2017 at 4:08 pm

    The Manace. You will remain a legend in Kenya.God will abundantly bless for the great service you rendered to thankless Kenyans when soccer has taken a dip.God is rewarding you for the great care you did to your mum. That was a great sacrifice.

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