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Otile Brown explains why he will not apologize to Bahati or take back his words

June 13, 2017 at 08:41
Otile Brown explains why he will not apologize to Bahati or take back his words

If there is an artist who has proved that he can pick a fight and not care about anything, then I bet it’s Otile Brown. The young singer yesterday went ahead to call out Bahati’s new song featuring Eddy Kenzo saying that this song had horrible lyrics and Bahati’s vocals needed some coaching.

Otile Brown’s post

Well, his post went viral as fellow artist joined in the comment section to laugh at his statement while others pleaded with him to pull down the post. Bahati’s fans also couldn’t keep their cool as they went ahead to give Otile Brown a piece of their minds too.

However, the unapologetic Swahili singer did not care about about their opinions and went ahead to reveal that his statement about Bahati’s song had nothing personal to do with their friendship or them knowing each other. He wrote saying;

“Sasa wewe unatokwa na povu unapiga nduru nyingi hapo kwenye comment kisa nimesema wimbo wa flani mbaya .. kwani ni uwongo ,tuweke urafiki na ujamaa Kando . Huo wimbo ni mbaya sana. au kwani ni vibaya ku kosoa Mtu , nikosowe pia mimi ukiona na potea .. game yetu Ina feli kisa kuna watu wamebebwa humu . Wimbo mzuri ni mzuri tu , na wimbo mbaya ni mbaya tu na sikua najifanya najua . Wacheni kumpotosha mwenzenu bwana saying this with love , nothing personal .. ati natafuta Kiki ..Kiki ukwaju!! ?? narudia wimbo mbaya huo na nimejitolea kumuandika wimbo bure asinilipe chochote.✌️”




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