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Otile Brown finally speaks after his recent accident at Yaya Centre

November 27, 2019 at 10:11
Otile Brown finally speaks after his recent accident at Yaya Centre

Singer Otile Brown unfortunately had a small accident at Yaya Centre knocking down a bodaboda rider and his client.

Judging from the photos and clips making rounds on social media – it appeared that the bodaboda rider and his two passengers were hit from an angle that left them with minor injuries.

Otile Brown involved in an accident

Anyway Otile Brown and his team rushed the the three victims to a nearby hospital for medical care. The two passengers who had sustained minor injuries were discharged
immediately after receiving treatment while the rider had to be admitted for further checkup.

Otile Brown steps up

Through his Instagram page, Otile Brown went on to write saying;

Otile Brown’s team with victim

To my dear fans, family, friends and supporters, my team and I would like to officially acknowledge the accident I had on Wednesday the 20th of November 2019 around Yaya Centre involving my car with a boda boda carrying 2 passengers. My team and I took the injured persons to the hospital and made sure they received the needed necessary treatment and we catered for the resulting bills.2 people had sustained minor injuries and were released on the same night after treatment while the rider of the boda boda Mr. Yassin Maina Richard had to be admitted to the hospital for further check up.

Otile Brown went on to conclude saying;

New motorcycle

I have kept constant communication with Mr. Yassin’s family and to enable him resume earning a living for his family I have procured a new motorbike for him. While accidents are unavoidable, we must remain human. I would like to thank all those who called to check on me and continue praying for Mr. Yassin’s recovery. God bless you all 🙏.OTILE BROWN!




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