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Otile Brown is an artist to watch in Kenyan music industry

April 16, 2019 at 11:46
Otile Brown is an artist to watch in Kenyan music industry

Jacob Obunga, known with his stage name as Otile Brown, is an urban contemporary musician, Song Writer, Guitarist, and an Actor. He was born and raised in the coastal city of Mombasa. He is the last born in a family of Five, born in 1980. According to Information Cradle, Otile discovered his talent at the age of 12 and started writing and singing at the age of 13. The coastal upbringing confirms his expertise in the Swahili dialect. Otile Brown has been on the limelight when it comes to Kenyan music.

Otile is a true confirmation that Kenyan music can be trusted and it is also entertaining. His previous works have been doing so well in East Africa and internationally. The artist is currently on his Baby Love Europe tour 2019 and it is really doing him.

Obunga has been at one time being on the limelight over relationship issues with a Kenyan socialite Veronica Mung’asia AKA Vera Sidika. A scandal that didn’t go well and it exposed their sexual life. Although being a celebrity one is entitled to fame, Otile does not know how to manage this. He has given out so much to the public which ends up tainting his picture. He needs to learn on how to keep his love life private. This will help him gain that positive energy to do music and not the negative energy from social media.

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As we go into his musical journey, Otile Brown is doing well. He has had several collaboration which are doing so well in the industry. He is mostly known to do love songs. His taste of music is great.

On Otile’s social life, I would say it does not suit his personality. He appears to be a very calm and when he goes to an extent of having online war with a lady that showed some sense of immaturity. I feel like sometimes silence is a good thing. Currently he has a new love who they are seen touring the world with as he seeks to promote his music.


Otile has received a positive reception from his fans.  His first hit song is titled alivyonipenda where he featured King Kaka in 2016. The song has 2.2 million views on youtube.

Below is a link to the song.

In 2016 he also featured Sanaipei Tande in the song Chagua la Moyo. This was a love song and he has continued on with the love message up to date.

Recently he has released a new single Nitulie. Click on the link below to listen to it.

He is an artist to watch. Looking at his previous work and his current, he has retained his way of doing music. His voice is never disappointing. He seems to have a good producer and this for sure has worked for him. I feel like he is consistent on his music journey, he always quick to sort his fans.

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