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Otile Brown opens up about his struggle with depression, says he has been emotionally and physically disturbed

February 17, 2020 at 16:34
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Singer Otile Brown aka Jacob Obunga is among the many celebrities and people who have struggled with depression.

The singer opened up about his struggle just recently while speaking on an interview with Radio Maisha.

Otile Brown

Speaking about his experience, Otile Brown opened up saying that depression is real; despite many hiding the fact that they are silently battling with this huge monster.

Depression is real. For the longest time, I have not been okay. I’ve been working, doing shows but emotionally and physically I’ve been troubled.”

Fear of opening up

According to Otile Brown, being a celebrity makes it hard to open up while going through depression. He went on to reveal that there is the fear of being judged that forces most people to maintain their silence despite the struggle. He went on to confess;

The problem with being an artiste is that we cannot open up to people. You can have a lot going on in your life but you cannot talk because there is a way people perceive you. When you talk, one finds peace but as an artiste, you don’t know who to trust because you are not sure who is your friend. Some people may come and listen to you but all they want is to spread information about you,” Otile revealed .

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He is however seeking professional help and hopes that this too shall pass. Looking at how Vera Sidika embarrassed him on social media a while back; this might also be another reason why the singer has been struggling with dark thoughts.

I have been seeking help, I’m also trying to relax, to cleanse my body, eat better just trying to get rid of that bad energy and to focus. I have been depressed for a whole year and it had me wilding on social media and I have done some things that have disappointed my fans.”




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