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Otile Brown Releases Statement Following His Deleted YouTube Songs (Screenshot)

October 11, 2021 at 10:15
Otile Brown Releases Statement Following His Deleted YouTube Songs (Screenshot)

Otile Brown’s predicaments remain unsettled after his top songs were haphazardly deleted from YouTube on 6th October. His songs, Dusuma, Aiyana, Watoto na Pombe, Chaguo La Moyo were among his best performing songs with over 3 million views each.

Otile’s manager was also in rage when he addressed the issue; and promised to take l***********s against the culprits involved.

”… Basically what it means is this is somebody who has access to the account. And for us, we already know who that culprit is… We want to make sure that as soon as this is handled, nobody will ever repeat such a thing..”

In the latest statement revealed by OB’s management, he has reiterated over taking l***********s and ensuring that he’s doing all it takes to bring his songs back.

” We cannot get into specific reasons that led to the deletion but we would like to assure you that we took up the issue with out legal team, partners and with YouTube/Google who confirmed that there had been an issue but assured us that they are working to resolve, restore and reinstate the content.

We endeavor to keep you updated as more progress is realized…”

Otile is among the many artists who have had their songs deleted from the platform. Recently Kenyan artists are being frustrated by their songs being deleted from YouTube. The root cause is yet to be established.




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